SunnyMoney agents comes from all walks of life. They are entrepreneurs, passionate men and women who have identified a need in their community. Our individual agents are working towards economic independence for themselves and their families whilst also educating their communities and providing a vital channel for the distribution and sale of solar lights. SunnyMoney sells solar lights to individual entrepreneurs at a discount.


“I managed to marry my wife because of this business, it is what made it possible and I am able to pay rentals because of this business.”

Tresford Mwamba - SunnyMoney shopkeeper agent, Zambia


Shopkeepers purchase solar lights from SunnyMoney receiving a discount that varies depending on the volume of purchase. Working with shopkeepers ensures that SunnyMoney solar lights are always available in shops and kiosks across Africa.  


IvywithMrsMsiskaagent Mzuzu ML

To find out more about how you can become a SunnyMoney agent click on the country closest to you; Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and Zambia

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