With a solar light you save all the money you would spend on kerosene, paraffin, candles. Per year this comes to $70 saved per family on just lighting.

You also save the time and money spent on mobile phone charging. The money you save in 10 weeks from not having to buy kerosene is enough for you to buy a solar light that can last five years.


Solar lights are bright and always available. The lights allow you to read without having to strain your eyes, cook and work after sunset. The lights are modern but easy to use and portable and extremely durable.


Solar light users’ reach an average of one extra hour each night (5 extra hours per week). The children enjoy reading because a solar light is reliable, bright and motivational. The lights are safe for children to use by themselves.


On average 50% of families show signs of improvement in respiratory health after switching from kerosene and paraffin to solar lights.

With solar lights there are no more fumes irritating throat, no more smoke affecting your eyes and no more soot inhaled into your chest or released into the environment.


Solar lights reduce risk of fires and burns from kerosene. They are also better for the environment and reduce the amount of indoor pollution users experience in the home. A household can reduce CO₂ emissions by up to 200 kg per year.

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