How We Work – the sunnymoney way

We believe that universal access to clean, renewable, light and electricity is fundamental in the fight against poverty.

By building local, sustainable energy businesses, we can help ensure that everyone can access clean, safe, solar lighting and power.

  • School campaigns: SunnyMoney’s unique community distribution model uses teachers to raise trust and build awareness of solar. Each light shining in the night attracts neighbours and as word spreads the demand for solar lights grows.
  • Agents and shops: This sparks the market conditions required for local shops and independent agents to be able to sell a range of solar lights profitably within their community so that solar lights become available for people to purchase all year round. SunnyMoney supports these local entrepreneurs by providing marketing campaigns, training and shipping of products.
  • Driving demand: SunnyMoney continues to find ways to drive demand by creating brand awareness, community engagement and media attention. They run promotions and find ways to market new products cost effectively in order to make solar more affordable and meet customers’ increasing demand for bigger and better products, so the market continues to thrive.

This model is ensuring millions of people, living in hard -to-reach areas can access clean light for the first time. Do you want to become an Agent for SunnyMoney?

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