Artcaffe: #DeliveringHope

SunnyMoney solar lights and Artcaffé have come together to deliver hope to students in rural Kenya. The initiative #DeliveringHope, will see a percentage of Artcaffé’s delivery fees go towards getting a solar light into the hands of a standard 8 student in rural Kenya.

Only 7% of Kenya’s rural population have access to electricity. Without light, opportunities for earning, learning and socialising are severely limited. The productive day is cut short so that children cannot study, parents cannot work and families cannot enjoy time together after the sun sets.

When darkness falls millions depend on costly, polluting and toxic sources of lighting for their homes, school dormitories and shops. This dependency locks people into a cycle of poverty; draining their income, damaging their health and causing fires and fatal burns. Burning fuels like kerosene also releases carbon dioxide and black carbon into the atmosphere, which is bad for the environment.

“When daddy bought a solar light I was happy. I can now do my homework and mommy says I will not get sick because of the smoke from the kerosene lamp. I was number 4 in my class but I want to be number 1. The solar light is bright and I can read more at night without coughing.”

Steven – Standard 8 student, Kembu Primary School

SunnyMoney solar lights provide clean, bright light for up to 5 years. The solar lights donated to the standard 8 students by Artcaffé and SunnyMoney will remain the property of the school. Selected standard 8 candidates will be loaned a solar light for the year, returning them after sitting for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E.) exams. This ensures that students enjoy the benefits of using the solar lights for several years. 

Research shows that students study at least an extra hour every evening with a solar light and that just one solar light:

  • improves the lives of around 6 people
  • Saves a family £130  
  • Enables an extra 1200 hours of study
  • Averts half a tonne of CO2

The above figures are calculated using SolarAid’s own research, our own sales figures, and those put forward by the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association. The impact figures are taken over the lifetime of the light.

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